Invasive Species Learning Courses

Invasive species Learning Courses

Many learning opportunities have been created to help people learn more about invasive species. Whether you are a professional land manager, Master Gardener, student, or homeowner it is important to have access to reliable up-to-date information. Below you will find links to university and/or government based invasive species short courses, webinars and online courses from across the United States. If you know of additional forums for learning more about invasive species please contact Karan:

Short Course-North American Invasive Plant Ecology and Management: University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Online-First Detector Entomology Training Project: NPDN USDA NIFA


Online-The Most Prevalent Invasive Plants in Southern Forests: Part 1 – Woody Plants: Southern Regional Extension Forestry

Online-The Most Prevalent Invasive Plants in Southern Forests: Part 2 – Non-Woody Plants: Southern Regional Extension Forestry

Online-A Management Guide for Invasive Plants in Southern Forests: Southern Regional Extension Forestry

Video-Inspection of an Efficiently Designed Mobile Treatment Van: University of Nebraska–Lincoln

Video-Principles of Weed Control: California Invasive Plant Council

Video-Overview of Manual Weed Management Tools: California Invasive Plant Council

Video-Landscape Scale Invasive Plant Program: California Invasive Plant Council

Online-REDDy Introduced Reptile Early Detection and Documentation: University of Florida

Webinar-Thousand Cankers: Colorado State University

Webinar-Neighbors Against Bad Bugs” volunteer group: Purdue University

Webinar-Viburnum Leaf Beetle: Ohio State University

Webinar-Preparing for EAB in Community Urban Forests: Ohio State University Extension

Webinar-Ecological impact after EAB: Ohio State University

Webinar-EAB pesticides for professionals : Michigan State University

Webinar-Hemlock Woolly Adelgid : USDA Forest Service

Webinar-EAB for Homeowners : Purdue University

Webinar-Asian Longhorned Beetle information: USDA-APHIS

Webinar-Woodland Management : Ohio State University

Invasive Plant and Pest Detection Workshops: LBJ Wildflower Center, USDA-APHIS, Texas Forest Service